Loop to Evil Twin, Bridge, North Peak

pics by Harlan W. S.
Sept 26, 2007

This was intended to be a conditioning hike, squeezed into 5 hours.  The nameless canyon I used for ascent is inferior to the “North Peak Wash” described by Branch Whitney; but it was fun, and quite rough near the top.


If you talk to the hiking old timers, they will refer to "North Peak" as the 2148m sandstone lump that is NNW of Bridge Mt, across Ice Box Canyon. However, for years, the BLM has used the name "North Peak" to refer to the 2208m Limestone lump that is ~WNW of Bridge.  Neither peak has a label on USGS maps, at least maps made in the last 50 years.

If you have ever taken the Bridge Mt Trail from Red Rock Summit, you have probably seen the sign that claims North Peak is just a few tenths of a mile away.  Many people feel this sign must be wrong; but in fact, the "problem" is that the BLM thinks of North Peak as that limestone lump (which actually makes an easy side trip, and has good views). There used to be BLM maps in the Visitor Center that ID'd this limestone lump as North Peak, and gave an elevation that was obviously higher than the sandstone lump, to the confusion of many. The folks from DPS tend to refer to the Limestone lump as North Peak, because they generally approach Bridge from the west.

I've chosen to call the BLM North Peak as "Evil Twin" in the map below, and have used "North Peak" to indicate the sandstone summit.



Here’s the GPS trace (red) of my peregrinations.


This view is W, as I ascend the nameless wash.


View NW.  The ridges on the side of the wash are quite rough.





Just when I thought I was in uncharted territory, I came across these tent poles. Years back, I was asked if it were possible to camp on this limestone ridge.  I guess someone tried, then lost the poles from a backpack during a quick descent. Certainly I’ve seen Poles in Red Rock before.


View of North Peak (sandstone) after I crest the ridge.


View S, to the mighty 15’ of class 3 at the N end of “Evil Twin” (BLM North Peak). You can go left past the peak and make it class 2.





View of Bridge from “Evil Twin”.



Now I’m heading E on the RR Summit trail to Bridge.


I always get lost at one point on the route to Bridge, and half the time I descend this class 4 chimney (view W, and up).





The tinaja, by the Bridge, is wet once again!


On top of Bridge.


What should I do about this constant foot itch?





This fellow climbed Bridge in Tevas.


Peppe, Red Rocks’ seņor citizen.


This pleasant Cambodian expatriate talked at length about the effects of altitude.





Bridge from the way back along the limestone-sandstone thrust.


Bridge from the sandstone North Peak.