Anza-Borrego and 2 DPS Lumps:
All's Well That Ends Well.  SoCal Peakbagger Campout.

Harlan W S
Feb 23-24, 2013

I'd planned to summit Jacumba and Sombrero in the same day (I was down from Jacumba by 11AM), but I inadvertently got some good experience in dealing with emergency auto situations*.  That episode put  me more than an hour behind, and made me cautious with my car till I could test it.
So I climbed Sombrero the next day (1h 10m to top!).

I got up Saturday morning, crept
around the snoring folks, and was
 ready to hit the Jacumba trail by
about 7:22AM!  I was on top
by about 9:21AM, after a big
mistake of going directly up a
very non-class-1 stretch.
I returned to the campsite Satuday afternoon.
On Sunday, I reached the Sombrero TH by
8, and was starting to hike about 8:10AM.
Jacumba, starting out.
There is a plateau on Jacumba. I crossed
to R of this rockpile.
S from the rock pile.
Ahead. to the S, is the 1st false peak
of Jacumba.
View N over the false peak; about here,
I got some severe cactus spines, and had
to stop to pull them out.
Top of Jacumba! View quasi-NE.
2 hours to the top, with lots of
time-wasting confusion.
I recognize some of these folks!
View E,
Another pano.  Time to get outta Dodge.
View S,
View back N.
Lots of oxidized sulfide ore,
quite high density.
I took the canyon back.
Palm trees in the canyon!
I got back to the campsite.
Tents everwhere!
DSCN2308 DSCN2309
Good relaxed people.
DSCN2310 DSCN2312
Next morn, I decided to go back. This is
"False Sombrero" which I inadvertently
drove to... before tracking back to...
Real Sombero!
I start up DPS route B, then quickly
decide to go up on the ridge at L.
I found lots of discreet cairns --
Mars Bonfire type-- on the S ridge.
Finally, the bouldery cone of Sombrero!
I was able to follow the footprints of
Lenah, Timo, and Sharon, which made
the final push much easier.
I came through this notch.
DSCN2320 DSCN2321
The top was delightfully bouldery,
exceeding my expectations.
DSCN2323 DSCN2324
I guess the register used to be here.  
We are so proud of your manhood,
register thieves!
Pan ~NE from summit.
View SSE from summit.
Self-portait.  I enjoyed visiting all the
boulders on the summit.
DSCN2336 DSCN2338 DSCN2341
This was one of 4 cairns on the DPS route
"A." I'm guessing this route isn't used much
these days -- few signs of herd paths.
I actually passed right through Solstice
Cave, but was rushing and didn't
even realize what I was missing!
*Ah yes, the car problem. I got down from Jacumba at 11AM, ready to summit Sombero.
But I kept saying to myself  "don't count your chickens before they hatch." As I was driving out,
I noticed the road to the L looked far more traveled... Why not try it? My GPS showed that it
connected to the main road in 1/2 mile.  Alas, it was a motocross road --the abundant tire tracks
were from dirt bikes and quads. All was well till I suddenly faced some ledges.  I tried backing up,
 turning around very slowly... the high-centered.  That section of desert had very few rocks, but
I found some after 30 minutes of search, jacked up one wheeel at a time, built rock platforms
under the wheels, and eventually drove off the high-center.  I knew my shot for Sombrero that day
was done... yet it felt good to problem-solve,and reach a successful conclusion.  When I was
almost done with the last platform. a motorcyclist came by, didn't offer to help, but notified me
that 150 motorcyles would some come by (and I damn well better move). F*ck you buddy,
I moved without your lame-a$$ help.