Boot Boulder, Lost Creek Peak, North Peak
(Red Rock near Las Vegas, NV)

Harlan W.S.
March 11, 2015

None of these has enough prominence to be considered a "peak" by the Colorado Rule; even North Peak (7047') is lower than the limestone ridge to the SW, and has at most 150' prominence.  However, all have achieved the status of "peak" in local hiking lore, and it is fun to scramble among them. There are a few spots that might be considered class 4, but the rock is generally good sandstone.  It was a little wetter than usual, which made some moss- and lichen-covered spots very slick.

I don't post many TRs for Red Rock, since it is my "backyard" and I've done most of the peaks many (e.g.10-30) times. But this day reminded me that spontaneity and uncertainty can be fun.

I mentioned I'd never been
to Boot Boulder, so Jim and
Barb began looking for the route.
We eventually saw a few cairns.
Thge sky was dark, but
that accentuated the colors.
The slick moss and lichen
made it "interesting."
We wandered over sume
subsidiary peaklets -- some
harder than Boot Boulder--
before Jim saw the route;
here he is atop the Boot.
Now I'm on the Boot,
looking NW as Jacquie
Barb approach.
Jacquie and Barb come down;
somehow I thought the boulder
was a lot bigger. The Hiking
Las Vegas site calls it class 3+;
there is some exposure on the
downclimb, when it is hard to
see your feet.  There is now
a bolt on top, through which
you can double a 20' strap
if people want comfort.
Then we cut WSW to hit
the ridge to Lost Cr Peak;
this section actually had
some of the hairier exposure.
DSCN9067 DSCN9069 DSCN9070
View N to
White Rock Hills Peak
This stretch of ridge is
 reasonable when going up.
Barb and WRHP to R
Snow-covered Griffith in back
On Lost Cr Peak; La Madre
is the gray ridge in back.
View S to North Pk, our
next destination.
View NE as we cross over from
Lost Creek Pk to North Pk
This was the first time I had
seen running water here.
View S to Bridge Mt.
Barb comes up North Peak.
We were planning to go out
over Goodman Pk, but the
possible rain had us bail to
the west.