Bridge 43x & 2 North Peaks Mojo Check (Near Las Vegas NV)

Harlan WS
June 12, 2017

I don't normally make pages for local peaks. But because of kidney stones, I haven't been able to exercise a lot, much less think of "new" trips.  Plus this trip did have some "new" aspects.

I took some
small variations,
in part so I
wouldn't time
myself; still on
the mend!
Google Earth
"view" SE to Bridge.
My 1st variation is
the one I might
recommend the least,
though I enjoyed
myself; there were
lots of gulleys, cliffs,
and steep scree slopes.
Shortly after N Peak,
I went off-trail.
A more interesting
variation is the
way I came down
from the arch. It
was really class 3,
but looks a lot
worse, and sticky
rubber helped.
OK, back to story.
I took an ersatz
path across N Peak
At 1st it was neat,
all sandstone.
Then it got to be
a lot of very steep
limestone scree
gulleys, mixed
with cliffs.
I went around
the corner by the
bush, only to find
slick limestone
and a wall.
I finally broke
through the cliffs
up a chute with
steep slick sides.
I got to the ridge
stunning tired, but
headed on to the
limestone N Peak.
View E to Bridge.
I was surprised to
meet folks descending.
They looked familiar;
I think they went back
by Pine Creek.
DSCN4495 DSCN4496
...The previous
group included
folks I had
heard much
about, and maybe
even met.
View E over
Bridge Point.
Click for a movie.
I used to get accused
of making up my
"jump" shots.  I'm
getting on 63, my
right leg is partly
paralyzed, give me
a break. So I started
documenting with
something harder
to fake
On the way back,
I thought I'd just walk
straight down from
the arch, S of normal
route.  Easy if not
wet, but plenty of
places to make
very bad mistakes.
Then I continued
on the N side of
big crack; View
looking up and E
(steeper than it
appears); really
class 3, but plenty
of places to make
bad mistakes.
On the climb back,
rather than head for
the highest chute,
I just went here at
top of 2nd chute.
Water! Really
manky water!
I deviated slightly
E and got some
neat views near the
Maze drop-in
DSCN4513 DSCN4516
Next, Sandstone
N Peak. The "normal"
rte is to L, but I just
go up the spine.
Luxor reflects
The "false" summit.
I saw cairns on this
rte for the 1st time.
That's the summit
with register; I'm
not sure it is
actually higher.
Bridge from
"register" summit.
The photo is tilted;
that's an artifact
of my brain damage.