Mount DuBois in the California White Mountains

Harlan W S & Kyle
June 02, 2013

This can be a surprisingly tough DPS summit. With the route over the Jumpoff, we had over 6500' of accumulated gain, and 15.8 miles. The snow madse it much prettier, but did add time for walking around drifts and cornices. We basically took the DPS A route.

Our route is in red.  Bob Burd's descent
from the Jumpoff (dashed blue) is probably
saner, as it avoids the Montain Mahogany
Hell and much of the Stream Crossing Hell.
As I drove in, I decided I should throw
an ice ax (well, whippet), knee-length
gaiters, and 3mm neoprene socks in
the pack. As it turned out, we could
avoid almost all snow.
My campsite by Middle Creek was
very peaceful.  The DPS identifies this
as the 2WD trailhead, but actually the
last 3.3 miles are very rough. The road
was recently closed here (barriers
across the road).
Starting out, next morn, roughly DPS A
(a bit farther S, mounting the ridge more
directly). Montgomery and Boundary
in distance.
DSCN3504 DSCN3508
View from the ridge, looking WSW to
the main ridge of the Whites. I got ahead of
the other folk at this point.
Eventually, we must go over point
13100' (L of center). Joel and
Kyle tried to traverse around the L side
of 13100', and lost some time.
DSCN3511 DSCN3512
Look up at typical terrain.
Kyle took this telephoto of me. The
roughness of the terrain is quite evident.
Finally I'm on 13100', looking WSW.
It looks like I can avoid almost all snow.
View back at point 13100' and the
smaller peak to its W.
DSCN3517 DSCN3518
The magnificent summit!
The Sierra to W.  Smoke from fires
in SoCal obscured the view.
View SW, with White Mt at L.
DSCN3527 DSCN3530
As I was trudging up, I thought,
"surely even Doug Mantle hasn't
done this peak more than 5x!" Wrong.
DSCN3533 DSCN3535
Self portrait.  I waited for the other folks
for 30m. I hadn't seen them for a while.
and was a little worried.
Finally I saw them! They had tried to cut
around several peaklets, and thus had
disappeared from my view.
DSCN3537 DSCN3540
View S as we start our trudge to Jumpoff,
over several peaks that were thought to
be within 1' of DuBois' elevation. From
GPS readings, I think these northern peaks
 are 20+/-10' lower.
DSCN3541 DSCN3544 DSCN3547
We danced around lots of snow, not always
successfully. This was actually the most
scenic part of the trip.
View N over Jumpoff and out descent
ridge (on R). Cornice avoidance made
the route a bit convoluted.
DSCN3551 DSCN3552
View back S.
Montgomery (L) and Boundary (R) in
Now I'm descending off the ridge
NE of Jumpoff. The yellow-green
speck is Joel.  It's hard to give a
feeling for the roughness of the
terrain -- I'm looking UP to W.
Montgomery and Boundary again. I was
recalling a 2004 trip when a group tried
to traverse on the S side of Boundary to
avoid the 280' climb back over it... and after
crossing 3 gullies on horrible talus, climbed
back up 500' to the top!
Another view W and UP.
By this time, we didn't have much to
smile about.
View back up at the DuBois contenders
and Jumpoff.
Next day, irises.
On way out, view W up Middle Creek