Fletcher Canyon to RainTree

H.W. Stockman
Wed. May 5, 2004

Click on any small image to see a larger picture. (Cliquez sur une petite image pour voir la grande image correspondante.) Order is essentially chronological. Even the large images are reduced in size to 20% the number of pixels in the originals, or smaller. Contact me if you want the full-sized images. To save a large image under Windows, 1) click on the corresponding small image; 2) when the large image appears (fully), right-click on the image and choose "Save Picture As..." on the menu. Be sure to note where you saved the image!

DSCN6920 DSCN6925 pan01FC6928-9
pan02FC6931-2 DSCN6935 DSCN6937
DSCN6940 DSCN6950 DSCN6951
DSCN6955 pan03FC6961-2 DSCN6964
DSCN6970 DSCN6972 DSCN6983
DSCN6985 DSCN6989 DSCN6992
DSCN6994 DSCN6996 pan04FC6999-7000