Ice Box Peak in Red Rock (NV)

This was my first time here since 2003, when I climbed the peak without ropes and in hard-soled heavy boots.  I must be getting soft.  Then we went on to Bridge, around by North Peak, and down by Goodman. This time it took about 4h 40m to reach the peak and descend back to the cars.

Here's the Summitpost write-up.

Harlan W S & Candace W
April 03, 2013

01GEfrom NNE
The blue track is the route up Ice Box
Peak, as seen from the NNE
(i.e. looking SSW) in this
Google Earth synthetic, no vertical
exaggeration. The red is a route over
Bridge Mt;.
The same blue track on the topo map.
At the end of the page is a discussion
about the prominence of this peak. Note
the 6167' checkpoint is not where the
register box is located.
We're at the Ice Box Canyon parking,
looking SE-ESE toward the east end
of Ice Box Peak. The actual peak is
beyond the visible point.
One climbs out of the canyon on the S
side, across from a very large boulder.
DSCN2911 DSCN2913
The climb is difficult; there are
3 points where it is hard class 4.
Currently there are two fixed
lines; one can avoid the upper line
by traversing L about 50 feet below,
a move that requires one reach
for a hidden handhold on the L side,
 behind a vertical ledge.
Above the initial crack system, one
heads SW to a less-sloped area.
One cairned route goes sharp L and
avoids the first steep, mossy ramp; or
one can go directly up the ramp.
DSCN2916 DSCN2917
The 2nd ramp is handled in a zig-zag
View to La Madre, on summit ridge.
DSCN2920 DSCN2921
View WSW to summit.
View toward ridge for Holiday
DSCN2925 DSCN2926 DSCN2927
DSCN2928 DSCN2929 DSCN2929candace
Courtesy of Candace.
On summit ridge.
DSCN2932 DSCN2933
DSCN2934 DSCN2936 DSCN2937
DSCN2938 DSCN2939 DSCN2940
Bare rock above (and L of)
crack system.
About 1/4 way down crack system,
back to 1st handline.
DSCN2942 DSCN2943
DSCN2944_stitch DSCN2946 DSCN2947
Almost back at the canyon.
DSCN2950 DSCN2951
Unfortunately, there is a lot of
graffiti in this popular canyon.
The aerial photo (top, L) and topo map (bottom, L) for the peak.
The elevation 6167' was very likely determined just by photogrammetry,
and is on a bouldery area that appears slightly lower than the "peak" indicated
by Hiking Las Vegas (i.e. the place of the register and cairn). GPS check gave
6170 +/- 10' for the elevation of the register box.

The prominence of the peak is a bit problematic. The line connecting the low
points W of the peak, on the photo and topo, is shown in red; the analogous line
connecting the peaks is shown in black. Note there is a change in maps from
English units to metric, between the two lines; the topo map at R is somewhat
older, and uses feet, while the map at L is metric, and is a provisional map that
had no optical elevation checks. The elevation of the low point corresponds
to ~5987', giving ~180' of proominence; however, the low point is on the
provisional map, above a cliff with shadows, and these conditions are notorious
for screwing up photogrammetry, so the low point may be higher than indicated
on the map.