Lost Creek and Lost Creek "Peak" (Red Rock Canyon, NV)
I've travelled up Lost Creek many times, starting in 2004, when I still had "right side neglect" and lunged, rammed into a rock, knocking myself out, and falling 25'. In the future, I was more careful. Usually we exit over Goodman "Peak" or North Peak.  Today we decided to travel up the right (north) branch to Lost Creek "Peak," one of those scenic promontories in Red Rock with small (in this case 80') prominence above the ridge.  Thanks to Peter (nearly 80!), Jim E, Canadace W and Jacquie K for good-hearted company and patience.

Harlan W S
February 26, 2014

We took the blue route today.  The red
route is the exit over Goodman, the
black is the exit over North Peak.
Before point A on the map. we first
round the bend into Lost Creek Canyon.
Heading west into the very
steep-walled Lost Creek.  The
canyon is so steep that a GPS
will usually not get enough
satellites for a fix after the first half
One must surmount this thin ledge on
the N side of the canyon.
DSCN5363 DSCN5366
I will be helped at this obstacle
by my flexibility.
View down on Candace at the obstacle.
Near point A, I climb up
quickly to get photos.
Candace climbs up.
Here I found a way around the left side
of the pool.
Next we must go L under this
huge chockstone.
DSCN5379 DSCN5382 DSCN5385
I wonder how I got this picture!
DSCN5388 DSCN5390 DSCN5391
Me make a strategic right turn
(where the blue track diverges
from the red in the map)/
DSCN5394 DSCN5395
DSCN5396 DSCN5402
At point B, we head N up a ledge.
Mounting the ledge was not easy.
DSCN5404 DSCN5405 DSCN5407
View of North Peak from
Lost Creek "Peak."
DSCN5410 DSCN5411
Jim, and View N over White Rock
Hills Peak to LaMadre.
DSCN5413 DSCN5415
Heading back S.
S back down the ledge near B.
DSCN5420 DSCN5423_stitch
We are about to turn the corner
and head to C.
View of Jim as he crosses near C, in
Graffiti Canyon.
DSCN5428 DSCN5431
DSCN5432 DSCN5433 DSCN5435
This very steep crack heads
down below the ledges of the
Graffiti traverse.
DSCN5436 DSCN5438 DSCN5439