Mack's Traverse (Spring Mts, NV)

Harlan W S
June 29, 2014

We found the critical break in the cliffs, when going S to N, while hiking with HLV back in 2007. Actually, Jim Egan, Ed Forkos and Mike Brooks had found this route years before.  I didn't return till 2011, when I went solo the other direction, N to S.  The route has some very frictional, but also very loose rock; the cliff S of N Macks has lost some holds to the freeze-thaw cycles in the last few years,.

Thanks to Barb for asking me to repeat this trip; this was my 6th or 7th time for the traverse.  We had a great, laid-back group.

We started up to S Macks,
then traversed N.  The descent
route is mostly steep scree.
S Macks as it first appears.
Sisters and Mummy in back.
Near top of S Macks chute;
N Macks in back.
DSCN6625 DSCN6626
Our destination to N.
The ridge is very serated.
DSCN6630 DSCN6631
Lots of steep, but frictional
Lots of exposure to R and L.
DSCN6639 DSCN6643
I've just passed through the
critical break in the cliffs,
and am looking NE to S Macks
DSCN6646 DSCN6648_stitch
View SW at last peaklet of
S Macks
Big drop to L.
DSCN6652 DSCN6653 DSCN6654
View down and S.
This is the one tricky
(class 4) wall before N Macks.
The rock is very frictional,
but a few holds are loose.
DSCN6657 DSCN6660
Sisters and Mummy
in back.
McFarland in back to R.
Descending N on N Macks
(view S).