GPS log, courtesy of Nick.

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Muddy Peak, Nevada (5385')

January 1, 2003

A desert peak north of Lake Mead, northeast of Las Vegas

Route described by Branch Whitney.

Sorry, don't have time for humorous comments.

Hiking in along Lovell wash, shortly before route heads N up side canyon. View N.

Looking up the 1st dry fall.

Looking back down the 1st dry fall.

The route bends NE up the side canyon.

On the N side of the Muddy Pk ridge; view NNW.

View NNW along ridge buttress.

Looking SSE back down the ridge.

On top, photo of two people taking photos. View S; Lake Mead in distance.

View SW and W. Muddy High Point is the peak in near distance, center of panorama.

Harlan tricks his cerebellum one more time. View NE.  Still pretty stiff.

Trivia: I made that pack in 1976. I wore that T-shirt when we painted our apartment in 1978, hence it is speckled with paint. I also wore that T-shirt for field work in 1978-9.

Lunch & view S near summit. Doyle asks, "What's for lunch?" Judy tells him about a new version of the Atkins diet, popularized by the book "Alive."

Starting the descent; looking SE along ridge.

More descent SSE along ridge…

…and more…

Now we're on S side of ridge, on steep descent down gully.

View SW, toward unnamed peak SE of Muddy High Pt; just before rejoining main wash.

Hiking out along Lovell Canyon.

…and last but not least, here's a group photo, at the top, by Anna: