Mummy South Ridge (YDS 4), Birthday and Before! (Spring Mountains near Vegas)

Harlan W S & Jen P.
Sept. 20, 2012 and Sept 19, 2010

I went solo Sept 20, 2012, to help celebrate my 58th birthday, and to test myself (after being injured for 2 months).  This route is virtually unmarked; there is one short obligatory class 4 section, and several stiff class 3 sections helped by sticky rubber soles.
A slightly different approach (better pics!) is shown here.

Map of route
2012: Griffith, viewed perhaps 1/4 mile off
South Loop Trail. This was my 58th birthday,
33x up Mummy.  I wanted a stiff route so
I wouldn't be looking at my watch.  I still
got up in 2h 26m... not bad for a
"recovery" hike.
TThis was the wrong route! I was supposed
to take the next chute to R.  
I went on the L (S) side of this bulge. 
This bulge was iffier than I wanted.  
Harder than the "crux."
OK, back on the correct ridge.
Register 2 pages back. I met Oz on top,
and the folks who were there 9/16 when
I came back through Trail Canyon!
Fall is here!
Cave Springs is running!
Flash back 2 years to the LVMC trip
c d
This is the stiffest stretch of the
normal class 4 route; near-vertical,
but full of tiny little holds.
Same stretch.
No sane person needs to go up
here.  There is a clas 2 bypass to L.
g h
The last stiff chute before top.