Northshore Ridge Traverse and Lava Butte

pics by Harlan W.S. & Susan E.M.
Jan 02, 2011

Well, I felt sick to start the day... so I figured that a hike lead by a 76-year-old guy couldn't be too hard, could it? I did turn down the chance to get up really early and be in a snowstorm.  This way it was just 44F, perfect shorts and t-shirt weather.

I have been on this ridge solo before; it is a lot more fun when you can look around and take pictures of people. Afterwards we did a great 4.7 mile RT to Lava Butte and back; I would have great pictures, except I left my camera in the wash a mile form the peak. Susan took a few pics, and I was able to find my camera later.  I must  get a bright-colored camera case..

AS we laft Lava Butte, the sky started to look pretty ominous.  The next morning we awoke to 2" of snow in Las Vegas.

Northshore Peak Ridge. Park
by the outhouses on the N side of the road.
Early on, we see the Spring Mts in
the distance.
Bowl of Fire is across the road.
IMG_1518 IMG_1520 IMG_1524
Booth Pinnacle (L) and Ptramid.
IMG_1525 IMG_1526
View toward the Muddy Mts.
View SSW from the top of Northshore Peak.
Susan's pic; heading down, Lava Butte is
IMG_1531 IMG_1535-6
The easiest route is near the edge.
Our nest goal: the lower summit of
Northshore, to the SW.
IMG_1540-1 IMG_1546
IMG_1547 IMG_1552
Sheep Trails on the talus slopes to NW.
IMG_1558 IMG_1559
View S. near top of lower peak.
Judy come up the ridge.
IMG_1562 IMG_1563 IMG_1565
IMG_1567 IMG_1568
Susan and Judy.
IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572-3
View SSW from 2nd summit.
Pic by Susan. Shorts and T-shirt weather.
IMG_1576 IMG_1578-80
IMG_1581 IMG_1583
Booth and Pyramid again.  From here,
Pyramid looks like a pyramid, and
Saddle Mt  looks like a saddle!
Heading N from base of lower peak.
View S.
IMG_1588 IMG_1590 IMG_1591
IMG_1593 Lava
Now on to Lava Butte; we started for the
top ~12:45PM.
009 010
Susan's pic of Lake Las Vegas.
Arrogance! ...on Lava Butte.
IMG_1596 IMG_1597
What the heck was the coyote eating?