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Harlan W S

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Canaan Mountain is a huge mass to the south of Zion National Park, and is almost entirely encircled by cliffs. The easiest route for a hiker is from the south... but is NOT the route I took for the trip report linked below! When I climbed the peak, there was a lot of snow, and I followed the set of tracks of someone who descended to Water Canyon, possibly as a canyoneering route. The "correct" route is shorter and much less harrowing. The top of the mesa is beautiful; and fortunately, the BLM is apparently clamping down on illegal access by livestock and off-roaders, who were too much in evidence on my hike. It is ironic that the only easy way through the cliffs is by a maze of old logging roads on the east -- these roads are too long and boring a trip for hikers, but suit off-roaders well. Link to trip report for Canaan Mountain