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Harlan W S

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I saw this peak from Charleston in 1998, and decided if I ever got access to a 4x4, I'd go up the Wallace Canyon Road to check it out. It turns out that the Wallace Canyon Road is in highly varied condition; some years, it is reconstructed and bladed by the USFS, to help keep the Pahrumpians happy. In early 2004, it was in great shape; then it washed out later that summer. The USFS fixed it, and it was still in great shape in 2009... then it washed out big-time in 2012-2013. So inquire with the USFS about the schedule for maintaining this road. Even if the road is in bad shape, there are ways to get to the peak with a bit longer walk, and no 4x4. The N route to this peak is awesome -- cliffy and a real scrambling experience. When we reached the top in 2004, there was a register left by Ed Forkos in 2002, and a note from Bob Greer, that he had been up the peak many times before. When I came back 5 years later, there had been no sign-ins in the intermediate time. There is another nearby, higher (but not bald) peak that also meets the Colorado criteria for prominence, and it is "traditional" to do both. Link to trip report for Clinton Peak