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Harlan W S

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This is one of the few sandstone peaks in Red Rock proper that escaped inclusion in the 52 peak club. The routes through Sandstone Canyon and from the SE are actually fairly nice. For a long time it was thought to be illegal and a trespass to climb the peak; but if you park at Spring Mountain Preserve, pay the parking fee, and are out by closing time, that route is perfectly legal. I would caution that you first call the Preserve folks, because they seem to be a little unclear on the concept; just tell them you plan to pay the fee and hike up Sandstone Canyon and will be out before closing (they don't control more than a sliver of state land, before one hits BLM territory on the hike). Fork peak is on the way, and worth a visit; the peak has just 200' prominence above the ridge, but that 200' includes some deep canyons and scary gendarmes. Link to trip report for Sandstone Peak