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Harlan W S

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Willow Peak can be accessed either form The Cold Creek side (Bonanza Trailhead) or from Wheeler Pass (see Wheeler Peak). This too is a good shoulder-season peak. The trip from the west is short and steep, good for the consolidated snows of spring. The longer route from the Bonanza trail goes by a truly great arch.

Years ago, a friend had signed up for this hike, back when I was a leader for a local hike group. A local guidebook author told her it was a terrible hike, and I was puzzled. I later realized that he had written up a sidehill route over steep gravel slopes -- no wonder he thought it was terrible! There is a much nicer, class 3 route that follows the ridge closely, from Bonanza Trail west.

Approached from the north, this peak can be a good choice for winter training -- much of the northern face burned over years ago, and collects heavy snow on open slopes in good winters. Link to trip report for Willow Peak in the Spring Mountains