Rainbow without the Ledges or Sense: Part II

Harlan W S
April 25, 2012


After my last episode, descending this route in  snowstorm on May 23, 2010, I swore that I would never go again in bad weather.  Lo and behold, we ascended in a rainstorm!


Description: 0Rainbnutz12

Blue is our 2012 path; Red is the

2010 path.

Description: IMG_9542

Description: IMG_9543

Harmless gopher snake,

the kind Snow Nymph turns

into belts.

Description: IMG_9545

Description: IMG_9545b

We didn’t know there were

other ways, so I climbed up

this crack.  Unfortunately, it

ended in a 6’ near-vertical,

moss-covered wall… which

I climbed, then dropped a strap.

Description: IMG_9546

After the strap (which Barb didn’t

need), we head to the top of the falls.

Description: IMG_9548

Description: IMG_9550

Description: IMG_9552

We avoid the (now-missing)

first fixed rope.

Description: IMG_9553

Description: IMG_9555

Description: IMG_9557

Description: IMG_9558

Description: IMG_9559

The 2nd fixed rope.  Thank

God it was still there. Barb once

climbed on the L, unprotected,

but water was now sheeting off

the rock, making the whole deal

seem a little sketchy.

Description: IMG_9562

Description: IMG_9564

This is one of the nastiest parts.

Description: IMG_9565

Description: IMG_9566

Description: IMG_9567

Description: IMG_9568

Description: IMG_9569

Description: IMG_9571

We spent about 3 seconds on top.

Description: IMG_9573

Description: IMG_9574

Description: IMG_9575

The Hell with chivalry! I stayed under

the overhang as we ate lunch, because

I wanted avoid gear more significant

than my shorts and T-shirt.

Description: IMG_9576

Description: IMG_9577

Wilson in back.

Description: IMG_9581

Coming up the ledges.

Description: IMG_9584

Description: IMG_9586

Mike comes around Photographic


Description: IMG_9588

Description: IMG_9592

Description: IMG_9598

Now we descend off the W side

of Rainbow Wall.

Description: IMG_9599

Description: IMG_9602

Description: IMG_9607

Some rock climbers had left slings

at the log above the Gunsight crack,

probably misunderstanding the need

to rappel (the bad crack is well below


Description: IMG_9608

Description: IMG_9611

THIS is where some guides

recommend setting up a rappel.

Locals know the holds, and don’t

need extra aid.

Description: IMG_9612

Description: IMG_9613

E.g., there is a hidden hold

below Mike.

Description: IMG_9615

Description: IMG_9617

Description: IMG_9620

Description: IMG_9623

Description: zGINSU

We were able to earn our 13th

“GINSU Peak” club card, for

“Climbing Rainbow Peak in Bad

Weather, Twice.”  We each got a

steak knife.