Stirling Peak, NV (west end Spring Mountains)

H.W. Stockman
September 2003

This is yet another peak on the LVMC list.

The slopes of Stirling are heavily covered with pinyon pine. The Native Americans came here to collect the pinyon cones before they opened, then would roast the cones till the scales popped open and released the nuts. This practice "beat to the punch" the many animals that would devour the seeds once the cones opened naturally. Some think that pinyons may have supplied as much as 30% of the caloric intake of the natives.


24k map


100k map




View S from peak 2427. Most of Stirling is orthoquarzite, which weathers differently than the limestone that makes up most of the Spring Mountains.


There are many petroglyphs, on the standard route as well as the nearby ridges. The quartzite shatters easily, and the glyphs are often broken up or have collapsed from nearby ledges.




Another view S as one approaches the peak.


Glyphs near the top. Note sheep at center.




View ESE to the Charleston Range in the distance.


View W to the vast Mohave Desert.




Zoom on the above photo. In the distance are (L to R) Willow, Bonanza, McFarland, Mummy and Charleston.


Beautiful Pahrump!