Tio Grande*

7703' (2348m)

West of Red Rock, near Las Vegas, Nevada

Harlan W. S.
Thurs., Dec 29, 2005

To reach the start of this hike, take route 160 west from Vegas. Look for the Fire Station at Mountain Springs (north side of road). Continue west on 160 for 3.3 miles past the fire station, then take the Lovell Canyon Road north (right; there was a green road sign as of 12/29/05). Travel north for 8.7 miles on the Lovell Canyon Road, and park on the east (right) side of the road, in a gravel turnoff. There is a rough trail here; take the trail east till it intersects the old powerline cut; take the powerline road south up to the top of the hill. Then follow the ridgeline east and then ENE, all the way to ~7600'. When you reach the overlook on Red Rock, travel NNE along the ridge to the highpoint at 7703' (2348T on the USGS topo map).

This was a rough trailless route. The ascent route was moderate for brush; but the descent route had some nasty spots. The preferred route (less brush) would be an extension the one described for Pepper Peak. There was no cairn on top of the peak, so I built one.

*OK, I admit it -- I'm just making up these names.

100k topo with red GPS trace for Tio Grande, and blue trace for Pepper Peak.


24k topo with GPS trace -- red for Tio Grande, blue for the previous route up Pepper Peak. Note the arrows for ascent (southern ridge) and descent (northern ridge).


Pepper Peak comes into view to the SE, as I head up the ridge.





View S of Pepper Peak, just after I hit the ridge.


View S, from farther along ridge. Mt. Wilson is visible to left, Mt. Potosi is in distant background.


View NE to Damsel Peak and Calico Hills.





Griffith to NW, as it gathers clouds.


View N; the tan lump in the middle is White Rock Hills, the mountain at distant left in La Madre.






South again, sheer drop of Pepper Peak comes into view.


Brachiopod fossil.


Farther up the ridge, view back S.






View toward La Madre. I'm standing atop a very substantial cliff.


Distant Damsel and GPS.






Bridge peek.


North Peak peek, with Las Vegas as backdrop.





One of two large cairns on the ridges.


I bet this sign doesn't get vandalized. It was in a dense thicket about 200' back from road.