Turtlehead with Feeling

This hike is about 9.5 miles as shown (red trace on map), with over 3400’ accumulated elevation gain. The starting point is in Calico Basin. Parts are class 3, so this route is more challenging that the normal Turtlehead trek from Sandstone Quarry. A detailed description of another route up the east side of Turtlehead is at www.hikinglasvegas.com . 

Don’t do this hike in hot weather.  There is no real trail, and no reliable water.  Avoid the ledges if you have any qualms about exposure or rock-climbing.

Harlan W. S.
May 05, 2007



Map with GPS trace.  The numbers

are approximately keyed to the photos.

The dashed blue lines show easier ways.


1. Though this is a dry year, there

was water in Gateway Canyon.


2. There are perhaps 5 dryfalls, and

always there is a class 2 climb-around.

This one can be climbed class 3 by

using subtle footholds in the

grooves behind me.





3: View ESE over Greycap.

Gateway Canyon is to right.


4. View WSW.  It is very tricky

to get from here (class 4) back to the edge,

without getting blocked by cliff bands.


5. Higher up, another view WSW.





6. On top, very windy.


7. On top, view back SE, showing

starting point and part of route.


8. View ESE, between Turtlehead Jr

(Redcap, at R) and “New Peak” at L.

Arrows show way.





9. View of Greycap.  There is a

decent use trail on R.


10. In Gateway Canyon; some rock

climbers. Farther east, there used to

be a class 3 stretch; recent rains have

made a class 2 bypass.


11. Looking back WNW; blue shows

The route.




I took 4 hours for this 9.5 mile hike, including a substantial stay on top.

However, I jogged much of the way back, and am in decent shape. Plan on using more time.