Trumbull and Logan, AZ

pics by Harlan W. S.
Oct 22, 2008


Frankly, I don’t think Mount Logan gets enough respect; I propose renaming it “Mount Sasha Fierce”.


Each of the LVMC Classic Peaks requires something special for success.  Before going to Logan, it was easy for me to be cynical and decide that the requirements were: a good vehicle and the willingness to burn gas. Actually, the trip requires good friends with a willingness to tell stories and watch miles of remote country roll by, and an ability to appreciate the full course meal that nature laid before us.  Certainly Logan is bizarrely easier, physically, than some Classic Peaks (e.g. Williamson or Currant). 


But I enjoyed the trip. Joel and I had been up Trumbull before, but we delighted in the chance to repeat the “climb” with Luba, as she tested her knees.


Road Conditions – they were excellent, mainly because we went after the road had a chance to dry.  The road, from St George to the ghost town of Mount Trumbull, appears to have been bladed recently.  Before visiting this area, check the recent history of rainfall; usually, early fall is drier than early spring.  The road up Mt. Logan has a few rough patches, but when dry, could be handled by a sturdy passenger car.  Certainly roads were a lot better than on our last visit.



100k map with roads and hikes (red).


The Trumbull hike.  There is a trail

all the way, but the top is faint

and marked with cairns, and is not

Visible under snow.


Our campsite at the Trumbull trailhead,

right across from the

Nixon Springs Ranger Station





Some of the best views from Trumbull

are on the way up, as one looks back

SSE at the volcanic craters.



The top of Trumbull is forested, but…





…there is a nice viewpoint on the N side

of the peak (view E).


In good weather, you can drive within 0.5

miles of the top of Logan!






The intrepids view “Hell Hole: to the W.







Ta da! 50 Classic Peaks, fait accompli.


View N toward Signal Peak is distance.

Potato Valley is the foreground.


View SSW to bend in Grand Canyon.







The road out, back toward St. George.