Telescope hike; Rodgers and Bennett

pics by Harlan W. S.
Nov. 08, 2008


Last year I did the Shorty’s Well to Telescope hike, and mercifully, had a support team that picked me up at Mahogany Flats, and drove back to my campsite at Furnace Creek.


This year it was my turn to be support! I didn’t want to be too bored, so on the way to the 9900’ climbout (see 24k topo map), I went over Rogers and Bennett peaks.  Then I descended the east ridge, and met the long-distance group at 7200’. We did the last section to the climbout together.


The long-distance team this year chose a much harder trip; they actually started at Badwater, an extra 6.5 miles across the salt flat. They lost about 1.5 hours in a snafu at Hanaupah Spring, so when we got back to the climbout, the sun had just set, and the moon slipped behind the clouds!  So we opted “just” to stumble through the dark back to the car.  They still did over 10,400’ elevation gain for the day, and 26.5 miles!


Thanks to all my compatriots who joined me for the “short” hike from Mahogany.



Overview map of the trips.


24k topo; detail of the GPS tracks. 

I followed the magenta track, and

Lori, Peppe, and Steve followed the red

(which obscures the magenta much of the way).


Judy and Susan chug up the trail from






Judy and Susan look NW to the

snow-dusted Sierra.


On top of Rogers, view to Telescope.


On top of Bennett.





And h-e-e-e-r-e’s Lori! (And Steve.)

This is a view east at 7200’.  

They started on the other side of the

Valley, across the white patch,

20 miles away.


Peppe at ~8400’.


A view S across the yucky slope at






9500’ !


9800’, and it was dark enough for

the camera to flash.


Now back on trail, we turned the corner

and saw the sunset.





The next morn I woke up to rain at 3000’,

and packed up and headed home.