LVMC trip to Yosemite

Harlan W S
Sept 5-6 , 2015

This trip reminded me of LVMC trips of old, when we had time to sit around a campfire and chat, with ample opportunity for individuals and groups to head off on trips of varying difficulty. We had the group site at Saddlebag Lake, which turns out to be a not-very-private spot on a Labor Day weekend! (Who woulda thunk it?) The official trips to Conness and Patterson were lead by Joel Brewster, and are documented on the LVMC meetup site.  I had been up Conness in 2011, the wettest year on record in the Sierra; so I chose to go up North Peak, which has a good view of Conness.  Since that wet year, we had 4 years of drought, with 2014 as the driest year.  While the views were beautiful, the contrast was stunning, with the Conness glacier receding in just 4 years to what looks now like a hanging snowfield (though I did see crevasses still).  The next day Jeff C led an informal trip to Cloud's Rest, a 14 mile RT with 3000' accumulated gain.  This destination was one I thought I'd never reach, and was a pleasant surprise.

Sept 5 I went solo to North Peak.  
I felt sluggish, but still made the
peak in about 2h 15m. I varied
my route on the way back,
to use up some more time,
but still got back at 12:30PM.
Labor Day weekend is very
interesting and crowded at
Saddlebag Lake!
The nest day we did a
class 1 trip to Cloud's
Rest, and got there just
as smoke from the
Rough Fire came in.
I went in on the SW side
of Saddlebag Lake, and
got this view of
North Peak to W. It
was windy and very cold;
I saw ice above 10500'
all morn.
The highest Conness Lake.
Mt Conness in back.
The unnamed tarn right
below the terminal
moraine. Mt Conness
in back.
View back E over
Saddlebag Lake.
View of Connes from
top of North Peak.  In
2011 we contemplated
going down from Conness,
over the ridge at R, not
realizing that is a 5.6
DSCN1154 DSCN1157
Close-up of the 5.6
DSCN1158_stitch DSCN1163
Heading down.
About the point where
I started across the slope
back to the lake.  There
are use trails that
make for low class 2-
if you find them!
DSCN1167 DSCN1168
Now I went to the SW sides
of the Conness Lakes
rock, possible
m igmatite
View back at North
I found a bridge to make
the crossing to NE end of
Saddlebag  easier
View SE at "Ferry" dock.
View back at N, I'm
nearly around Saddlebag...
about noon!
Next Day we went from
Tenaya Lake to Cloud's
Rest (the peak on L
side). Half Dome sticks
out just R of Cloud's
DSCN1181 DSCN1182
A pond along the way;
I was surprised to see
the pond was the same
size as on the topo maps.
We got to the peak
(CR) about 0.5h after
smoke started to pour
in. You can still see
Half Dome.
DSCN1184 DSCN1185
Toby comes up.
DSCN1189 DSCN1190 DSCN1191
Kat and Matt next.
Jeff; Half Dome
is mainly obscured,
only about 15m since
last photo this direction.
I saw lots of marmots,
but only this begging
chipmunk stuck around
for his picture.
Back at camp that eve.
DSCN1198 DSCN1200