Easy Way to Damsel Peak

H.W. Stockman
Thurs. April 29, 2004

Near Las Vegas, NV; 5 miles west of my house.

Brownstone Basin road provides access to Damsel Peak -- an easy* trailless route. I had been up Damsel by the NE wash, and found that path very brushy with steep, loose talus. In contrast, these west-side routes have sparse brush, firm talus, and are essentially walk-ups. The western route (on the map GPS trace) is through a wash that is flat-bottomed and gravelly for much of the trip (I saw a mountain bike track up much of the route). Caution: it was cool the day I hiked -- but this route may be fatally hot by summer. Brownstone road requires a 4WD or AWD, but the drive is rather straightforward. My Subaru Outback had no problems, even though it has modest clearance.

There were many, many flowers -- all the species I saw last Saturday, plus these, and more. There were beautiful blue larkspurs, but I kept screwing up the focus!

If you want maps or GPS tracks for the road, contact me: hwstock -at- alum -dot- mit -dot- edu.

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GPS trace


Desert four o'clocks







Apache plume

Claret cup


On summit ridge -- view SW. Here is a key to mountain names.





The tops of West Damsel (L) and East Damsel.


Panoramic view E over East Damsel and Las Vegas.


This is a seldom-visited summit. I found this entry to be interesting.





Obligatory cerebellum check.


LaMadre Peak, view NW on descent.


Mini-arch on summit ridge.





On the way down the ravine, I saw oxidized sulfide ore. Then I came across this mine prospect.



Agave roasting pit, near irregular jog in GPS trace.





Utah penstemons.


Banana yucca.


Redbud -- late in the season, but in the shade of the cliffs.




*OK, maybe my definition of "easy" requires some qualification. This route has slightly less elevation gain than the route through Little Red Rock on the NE side; but the elevation gain is still more than 2100', and it is a round trip of ~5 miles, all without a trail. I took the eastern (of the two routes on the GPS map) up, because I don't like walking on gravel; I walk fast, and my feet dig in gravel too much. However, the gravel is fine for a more leisurely pace.