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Harlan W S

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The Castle Peaks, on the eastern side of the Mojave Preserve, are prominently visible as one drives down from Mountain Pass (in California, on i-15),toward Nevada. The direct route from Las Vegas travels over dirt roads in Nevada, before swinging west into the golden state. There is also a route from the Ivanpah side in California. Both routes have decent roads-- but the dirt roads are full of rocks and best driven slowly, with modest to high clearance. From many spots, Dove looks formidable; but if you get to the NE side, there is just 20' of low-class 5 rock between you and the summit (well, there is some loose class 3 above and below that 20'!). I've free-climbed the route 3 times, and always chunks of the volcanic tuff break free-- so the climbing must be careful. Currently there is one nob used for a belay anchor right above the crux; I would dearly like to find another anchor, especially for any rappel off the crux. Link to trip Report for Dove Benchmark