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Harlan W S

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I almost climbed this peak in May 1999, after a snow storm blanketed Red Rock. Alas, my partner had just broken up with his girlfriend, an was working on a big hangover and 2 hours of sleep, so we turned back at the ridgeline. I recall finding the dryfall work-around back then; I spent enough time wandering around looking, that my partner began to think I had fallen to my death. At some point he mumbled something about this mountain "being a bastard." So fast forward to 2006, when I almost exactly reproduced our earlier trip, but unencumbered by alcohol and emotional stress, I made the extra 400+' to the peak. Since then I've also come from the east and west, and always find that dryfall is the trickiest part of the fast descent. Link to trip report for El Bastardo