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Harlan W S

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This entire ridge was informally called Pincushion up till ~1998, when Ed Forkos put a register on top of the highest peaklet (6977') with the name "Damsel." Ed later learned the ridge had previously been called "Damsel" and recommended keeping the old name... but by that time directions to "Damsel" had made it on web sites. People who didn't know the history started calling the SE peak Pincushion, and that naming entered Jim Egan and Richard Natale found a route up the 100' prominence known as Pincushion Pinnacle (the picture below); Now I don't consider a trek over these peaks complete unless I climb the Pinnacle. The Pinnacle has a short, awkward 15' section that would probably be called class 5, and that chute is best descended with a rap or at least a handline. Currently the anchor is a stout bush; I'd dearly like to find a better anchor before we kill that plant or rip it free. Link to trip report for Pincushion Ridge