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First, some background info

Need to contact me?  Try this address at the bottom of the page. Describes how one uploads saved tracks to a GPS. is a comment on the choice of datum for GPS use. derives an estimate of the pressure variation with altitude. derives the expected temperature decrease with altitude gain. My climbs of the LVMC Classic 50 Peaks.

Mexican DPS Maps (for Garmin-compatible GPS units) are HERE.

==========Trip pictures by date (yymmdd), descending order============

190309 Peak 5804 near Moapa, likely FA
190304 Pumpkin Ridge traverse, N of Kyle Canyon.
190301,07 Some long & shorter routes on Blue Diamond Hill.
190225 White Rock Canyon Peak and Fortress Butte AZ, near Hoover Dam.
190216 Wildcat traverse near Beatty NV.
190210 El Dorado & Nelson BM, S of Boulder City, with LVMC
190126 Carson's Benchmark, North Turtles.
190125 Kelbalholt Peak, CA, North Turtles, after the accident
181109 Calico Big Loop (west of Las Vegas) with 10 peaklets.
181103 Summerlin Ridge (west of  Las Vegas) trip over 7 peaklets.
180814 Mummy Traverse Hints.
180724 UIAA drop tests and "Sharpie" pen middle marks for nylon ropes.
180424 North Potosi Recovery Trips.
180324 Return to Snoopy's Nose.
180317 Four Peaks W of Pahrump, NV.
180204 Muddy, my 5th time, a life lesson.
180126-28 Umpah, Mopah, Snaggletooth in CA.
180119 Return to "The Fortress" by west.
180114 White Rocks Hills and Tunnel Vision Peaks by unusual routes
171230 Shwab (Schwaub) in Death Valley.
171226 "The Fortress" near Henderson, NV.
171221&23 Peaks 1581m, 1671m and 1642m near GoodSprings, NV.
171216 Black Mt Traverse to N McCullough, with Park Pk.
171212 El Dorado Mountains SSW of Boulder City, NV.
171204 Bird Springs Range and Shenandoah, NV.
171129 Traverse of Sandstone Peak in Red Rock near Vegas.
171105 North Guardian 4x, Northgate 2x, and Nippletop in Zion.
171029 Global "Peak" near Vegas, East and West, 4x.
171013 Troy MOUNTAIN (not peak!) in Quinn Range, NV.
170806 Emerson in CA Sierra, and Magruder near NV-CA border.
170608 Bridge 43x & 2 North Peaks; Mojo check & route variations.
170608 Charleston by Devil's Thumb. Mojo check.
170504 Dyneema and not dying.
170310 Jumbo Peak with LVMC. My 5th and 6th times (at least!)
170305 Sherwood Forest, Wilson Jr, E La Tan, Baby Wilson, Red Rock NV.
170301 South Ridge, near Mercury, NV
170224 Sugarloaf PEAK and Boundary Cone (2x), in AZ, E-SE of Laughlin, NV.
170219 Space Needle, HighPoint of Bridge Canyon Wilderness, NV
101206 Deadhorse and Saddle in DNWR, NV.
161201 Box Canyon, Gottlieb, and access. http://
161122 Bird Spring 12 mile loop
161112 Ram #3 in N Sheep Mts of NV.
161015 Horse Ranch Mt and White Rock (Utah)
160819 Bear Creek Spire in CA Sierra.
160808-11 Colorado trip
160716 Mummy-Charleston with SoCal friends, not the normal route
160709-10 Central NV obscure peaks
160614-16 Quick trip to Estes Park, CO
160604 Some obscure peaks near Ely NV
160510 Thoughts on fixed ropes
160505 Rainbow Peak NW to SE traverse.
160418 Davidson Peak, near Moapa (NV)
160406 White Pinnacle, DeadHorse, South Wilsons in Red Rock NV.
160401 Nutt benchmark (AZ, west of Kingman) from the E -- pretty trip through the cliffs.
160325 Madre-Padre-Bastardo Loop with Barb.
160322-23 Two peaks near Oatman, AZ.
160312 Jumbo and other GB peaks, San Diego Crew
160310 Revisit E LaMadre, this time from N, 12 years later.
160301 White Rock Springs-Hills Traverse with Kassina.
160227 Jumbo and Packard Peak and Lime Ridge with LVMC
160206 JimBilNan and 3 new peaklets near Lake Mead
160203 Sentinel AGAIN with rap exit, MJ and Jim
160123 Muddy Peak NV with Crystal by Southern Route. 4x for me.
151214 What's in a Name? The Monuments.
151206 13 years on Monument (Red Rock, NV)
151201 South Gate and Anniversary Narrows Ridge (Lake Mead NRA, NV)
151106 Wildrose. Mosaic and Manly Beacon-- mellow LVMC trip to DV
151026 Organ Needle, Doña Ana, plus two other peaks in NM.
151010 Spanish Needle and Lamont in Southern Sierra.
151001 MJ Peak and South Ridge of Mummy,  near Las Vegas.
150905 LVMC Yosemite trip.
150815 Humphreys Peak in CA Sierra
150809 McFarland (NV) the Hard Way.
150727 Colorado 2015 trip: six 14ers
150713 Mount Pinchot in the CA Sierra
150524 Wagon Wheel aka The Dome, NV
150506 Patterson in CA Sweetwater range.
150406-7 Kino and Browns Peaks in AZ.
150314 Granite #1 Mojave (CA), 2x. By south route.
150311 Loop over Boot Boulder, Lost Creek Peak, and North Peak in Red Rock, NV.
150221 Rainbow Peak, Rainbow Wall, Gunsight Loop in Red Rock, NV.
150213-15 Klothos AZ, Picacho and Little Picacho CA.
150206 Monument and Black Velvet Ridges with  Barb (Red Rock NV)
150131-150202 Pescadores and Risco in MX, and Picacho in CA (2x).
150125 Return to Muddy Highpoint
150110-11 Martinez and Rosa, more brown lumps!
141228-30 Pinacate (MX), Ajo (AZ) and Mopah (CA, 2x).
141206-07 Donkey Poop Peak and Feen-a-mint Butte in Death Valley
141118-20 Three More Brown DPS Lumps...and Destiny
141030-141102 Keynot in CA Inyos and Corkscrew in Death Valley
141015 Beer & Ice and two other peaklets in Red Rock.
141012 Dutch John and Grassy Mountain in east-central Nevada.
14073114-0802 Mid-Utah Wasatch trip-- Nebo, North Peak, Timpanogos, and Pfeifferhorn.
140703-0708 Colorado trip -- Bierstadt, Challenger, Kit Carson and Elbert.
140629 Mack's Traverse in Spring Mts, NV.
140616 Dragon Peak in CA Sierra.
140524 Northern Nevada -- Augusta, Lewis, Jackson HP, and Duffer.
140522 Cactus Flower Tower in Red Rock, NV.
140508 Nelson Highpoint (Galena BM) in Death Valley, and Middle Sister in Sweetwater Range (CA, S of Tahoe).
140506 Rumppah Point (near Pahrump Point) in CA
140504 Windy East ridge, Peter's request.
140427 Hollow Rock and South Peak in south Red Rock, NV.
140317 Tucki not so Sucki (yet anothr pre-surgery hike).
140308 Sharktooth and Mormon Peak NV revisited for 12th Stroke anniversary.
140306 Revisit Pincushion Pinnacle and traverse.
140303 Red Book Peak routes, 5 peak loop (Calico, west of Vegas, NV)
140226 Lost Creek to Lost Creek "Peak" and down Graffiti.
140217-18 Black Butte, Chuckwalla, Orocopia in CA: Post-surgery trip.
140115-18 Big Maria N&S, Spectre Point, Sheep Hole, East Ord: Pre-surgery trip.
131223 Weaver's Needle and Superstition x2 in AZ -- two nice DPS summits.
131208 Granite #2 and Palen in southern California-- DPS lumps in a cold wind.
131103 Calico 5-peak pre-surgery hike.
130830 Inyo traverse from Cerro Gordo area, Pleasant Point to NY Butte.
130809 Restock friends on the JMT, and Mt. Rixford.
130801 University Peak in the CA Sierra.
130715 Toiyabe Dome and SE Summit.
130630-130702 Jarbidge Range and Ruby Dome/Pyramid.
130602 DuBois and loop over Jumpoff in California White Mts.
130524-6 Picacho del Diablo, Baja Mexico.
130417 Last Chance, Waucoba, and Glass Mt, Death Valley and Environs.
130403 Ice Box Peak, first time since 2003.
(lots of stuff to do!)
130330 Rainbow-Gunsight-Juniper loop with Rap and Matt & Jeff from SoCal.
130327 Dry Mountain and Sandy Point, two more DPS brown lumps in Death Valley!
130313 Oak Creek "Peak" in Red Rock (near Vegas).
130227 Gunsight Notch to Juniper Peak Traverse with Rap (Red Rock, west of Vegas)
130222-24 Anza Borrego and 2 more DPS lumps and campout with SoCal group.
130216 Picacho and Antidisestablishmentarianism Peak, summits near Yuma, CA.
130213 Holiday "Peak", exciting loop (Red Rock, NV).
130208 "Impossible Mesa" in the Nevada Castle Peaks.
130127 Sentinel Peak (Rainbow) Lake Mead. 7x for me.
130118-19 Turtle and Whipple, two DPS lumps in CA.
130105 Anniversary Narrows and Peak, Plus Murphy Peak by Unusual Route.
121224 Valley of Fire, Traverse of Peak 2972' (906T).
121208 Four small peaks in Calico as a part-day hike-- I first did this circuit 7 years ago.
121127 Bridge Mt NV by a long and circuitous route!
121119-20 Moqui Peak and Watchman, Zion, UT
121110 Moapa Peak with LVMC; my 6th time.

121109 Castle Peaks CA (Dove and South Dove) again.

121013 Hualapai Hat Trick (AZ, south of Kingman)

121005 Mount Wilson (Red Rock, near Vegas) by west side

120925 Goodman and North Peak Loop at Red Rock, NV (near Vegas)

120920 and 100919 -- Birthday and near-birthday south Ridge (yds 4) on Mummy

120913 Dean Peak in Hualapai Mts of Arizona

120720 Mount Sill in the CA Sierra, via Elinore Lake and the L-Couloir

120624 Willow Peak, NV, over 9 years.

120526-28 Star, Granite and Desatoya Peaks in N and N-Central NV, in “conditions.”

120521 Joseph’s wild route on Charleston.

120512 Quinn Canyon Range in NV—10k’ peaks and water!

120507 Pincushion Pinnacle and Pincushion Peaks traverse.

120425 Rainbow without Ledges, Rope, Good Weather… AGAIN!

120420 Worthington in south-central Nevada.

120401 Manly and Needle Peaks in CA, Death Valley.

120317 Baboquivari in AZ—a classic DPS summit.

120311 Anniversary Narrows Peak with HikingLasVegas.

120308 La Madre 3-peak for 10th stroke anniversary.

120305 Up-and-over Mescalito near Vegas. (N route up, S route down).

120224-6 Four DPS summits in Mojave and Arizona (LVMC).

120211 Jumbo, Mica and Little Finland in Gold Butte, with LVMC.

120203 Loop over Indecision and Wilson Peaks (W of Las Vegas).

120128 East Ridge to Gray Cap, under unfortunate circumstances.

120125 Smith Mt. loop in Death Valley, quick day trip.

120114 back to 111217 Castle Tower 4x in a month, prep and LVMC trip

120103 North Kingston Peak: more rugged, less brushy brother to the DPS peak

120101+010101 Eleven years on Bridge Mountain.

111224 Christmas Eve solo traverse of White Rock Hills Peak

111210 Nopah Peak and Highpoint (2x) in CA.

112911+110412 Mr Wilson!  Mr Wilson!

112111 Gold Cross Peak, AZ, off Lake Mead.

111911 Burlap Buttress, NV, in RRCNCA.

111811 Snoopy’s Nose, NV, just outside RRCNCA.

111111 N Fire Peak and Canyon – 3 years later!

111105 San Jacinto Cactus to Clouds with snow, SoCal Peakbaggers

111028 LVMC trip, with Tin and Ubehebe in Death Valley.

111015 LVMC N Guardian, W Northgate, and Kinesava in Zion

111008 LVMC White Rock Spring by colorful hard route.

111001 North Guardian Angel again!

110903 LVMC Utah trip (Tushars, Henrys)

110827 Conness (CA Yosemite) by east ridge.

110824 Macks reverse traverse

110820 Agassiz (CA Sierra) trip with SoCal Peakbaggers—injury trip!


Various Spring Mt rambles:

--anniversary Mummy Circumnavigation

--Mummy in conditions

--Mummy by odd route

--More Chaz by off route

110716 Belknap, Baldy, Blue Lake loop (UT) under conditions


110710 McFarland North Loop (NV).


110702 Kern River & Kern Peak backpack, CA Sierra


110626 San Antonio (Baldy) in CA by a tough route


110621 Charleston solo rehab loop via Devil’s Thumb Shortcut… (to be done)


110619 Sisters rehab hike – only injured folks allowed.


110612 Cockscomb by east rehab hike.


110513 Wilson by Cleaver Crack.


110424 Palmer, Grapevine and Wahguyhe in Death Valley.


110421 White Rock Hills Peak traverse, with special guests. (to be done!)


110420 Willow Peak snow skills. (to be done!)


110416 Zion LVMC trip: East Northgate, Lady Mt, and Hepworth Peak.


110412 Bridge by Pine Creek AGAIN, ceremonial send-off.


110409 North Muddies NV, with a comment on map errors.


110401 Kinesava in Zion, UT, by Chinle approach.


110329 Bare (Butt) Mountain near Beatty, NV.


110327 Black Velvet from E, a different view; 8x.


110316 Mummy solo snow climb, to check out conditions.


110313 Providence Peak (BM) and Decaying Molar.


110305 Corkscrew (with Little Corkscrew) and Death Valley Butts – a social weekend.


110302 Return To Gottlieb and Box Canyon Narrows


110227 East Bowl of Fire loop / Ravens Balcony


110220 Big Arrow and South Arrow by common saddle (NV, 40 miles N of Vegas).


110217 Bridge by two routes – mini-epic. and


110206 North Peak a hard way; eye test.


110108 Booth Pinnacle AGAIN with LVMC.


110105 Revisit Lake Mead Crags, Little Pyramid, bonus crag.


110102 Northshore Ridge and Lava Butte, near Lake Mead, just before the snow.


101228 Pyramid and Booth Pinnacle, near Lake Mead NV, by N and W routes.


101225 Railroad Peak (S of Henderson NV) by S Ridge.


101215 White Rock Hills Peak SE Ridge, exploratory.

101212 Keyhole Peak, Canyon, and 4142’ Exploratory.

101211 Goldstrike Canyon, NV, near Colorado River (LVMC trip) .

101208 Calico and Redcap, 1st hike with BW in almost 2 years.

101204 Rabbit #2 and Villager Peak in CA, near Anza Borrego, with SoCal group.

101121 Bearing Peak near Lake Mead, NV. Rainy day, better than I expected!

101114 Jumbo Peak in NV (SW of Gold Butte), 1st peak after ankle tweak:

101030 Mount Inyo and not Keynot in CA… snow, shorts and T-shirt weather

101027 South Guardian Angel in Zion, without the Subway.

101016 North Guardian Angel in Zion, with a delightful obscure-peak warm-up.

101014 Charleston NV by a not-so-smart loop over rough terrain.

101009 Mount Wilson NV by two routes.

101002 LVMC to Monument and Hidden Peaks, NV.

100929 Yet another Sisters traverse.

100925 LVMC trip to Black Velvet Peak, NV.

100918 LVMC trip up YDS 4 South Ridge of Mummy My. NV.

100905 Back way to Chaz on a windy day.

100828 Gumby (peak 9374) in the Sheep Mts.

100824 Mack’s Peak by NW.  NOT A GOOD CHOICE is you simply want to bag the peak.

100818 Wistful observations of Cockscomb, illness, and unintended consequences.

---Three-part LVMC trip:-------

…100807 The high Uintas (Utah): Kings Peak and Gilbert Peak.

…100806 Borah Peak (Idaho).

…100802 Ruby Crest Trail: Lake and Vines Peaks.

100711 San Gorgonio (Old Lumpy) in southern CA.

100707 Sisters traverse with a few twists.

100623 Grafton NV and Notch Peak UT—snow and big drops.

100613 Another nice obscure summit in the Spring Mountains.

100610 A nice very obscure ridge east of Mount Stirling.

100605 Some obscure peaks near 8400’, under “conditions.”

100529 Late-season Charleston snow climb.

100525 Last chance for a Calico 4-peak. My how this area has grown popular.

100523 Rainbow Peak bizarre loop in “conditions.”

100516 Meeker Peak NV: around the cliff bands we go.

100509 Cathedral Peak (and crash) in Meadow Mts of NV.

100507 Black Velvet from west (again!)

100428 Bryce Canyon backpack (UT) with LVMC.

100425 Pre-Bryce trips in Utah, including Buckskin Gulch and Kodachrome Basin.

100421 Goodman route to North Peak, NV:

100416 The Bishopric in Zion – Class 4/5 peak.

100411 Monument from the west.

100410 Bridge Mt. NV… my 15th time!

100408 White Rock Springs Peak from the west.

100404 Mescalito on a windy day; my 3rd trip.

100327 Grand Canyon Peaks; an alpine climb in the desert.

100325 My 14th trip up Bridge NV, this time with fierce wind, and the indomitable Snow Nymph.

 100323 Northshore Peak Loop (near Lake Mead)

100321 White Rock Hills Peak, umpteenth time.

100319 Red Cap-Calico traverse with visitors.

100313 South Sister snow climb with LVMC.

100306 Fletcher Peak in the snow, again! With LVMC.

100303 River Mountain ridge near Boulder City, NV.

100216 “Elbow” highpoint, to scout Fleur-de-lis route.

100213 Sentinel with LVMC, again.

100211 Sentinel scouting trip, and eastern route.

100207 Fleur de Lis, surprisingly wild.

100130 Sloan again, this time to top the crags.

100125 Sloan Canyon, Sutor and Crags.

100123 LVMC snowy trip around and on Kraft Mountain.

100117 My 5th trip up Moapa; with LVMC.

100106 Two peaks near Colorock (W Muddies).

100101 Anniversary Narrows, Anniv. Narr. Peak, and Bowl of Fire.

091219 Cleopatra Wash with LVMC – an ankle test for me.

091113 Castle Tower Revisted, Friday the 13th.

091107 Sentinel and Porter in the Panamints of CA, from the east.

091011 Sheep Peak from east, preparatory for LVMC.

091001 Chaz from NW, and Heli Crash.

090913 Return to Clinton Peak, 5 years later.

090905 Charleston by Ski Lee and Devil’s Thumb.

090829 Mount Tom and Rosy Perez Peak in CA Sierra.

090822 Mummy Nose-Forehead-Deer Cr loop in “conditions”.

090811 Horse Benchmark NE of Pahrump; obscure!

090807 Mummy’s Nose; loop over NE Ridge, then down Deer Creek.

090801 Charleston via Carpenter Canyon; prickly, wet, slippery, tiring route.

090726 Charleston via Cathedral Peak.

090718 Charleston by Wallace Canyon – beautiful and rough.

090702 A retreat from Mt. Sill, CA. ;^(

090627 Wheeler Peak TOIYABE, in Spring Mountains.

090610 S Sister-Bonanza Loop.

090606 Amargosa Overlook again, in changing weather.

090530 Mummy (19th time!) on a hard route,  with a sudden snowstorm.

090523 Morey and Jefferson Peaks again, but different routes.

090516 Griffith and Charleston by Harris Springs; some snow.

090509 Griffith Peak by avalanche chute; 2500’ cramponing.

090502 Moapa Peak with LVMC; my 4th time.

090426 McFarland snow climb via N Canyon.

090418 Sandstone Peak in Red Rocks NV.

090411 Zion LVMC – East Rim, Cable, Angel’s Landing.

090404 White Rock Hills Peak, LVMC trip.

090328 Quartzite Mountain and Fossil Benchmark, 7k’ peaks in Las Vegas Range.

090319 Mummy Mt winter snow climb

090315 Juniper traverse 2009—less jumping this time.

090313 Sentinel AGAIN with the Colorado folk.

090308 7th Stroke Anniversary Hike: 4 peaks--Graycap, Damsel, Turtlehead, Redcap.

090228 Bitter Ridge NV, west side Lake Mead.

090220 Bonelli Peak NV, east side of Lake Mead.

090214 Lake Mead Crags and “Little Pyramid”.

090203 Lava Butt(e)! A very short side trip while heading home.

090131 Brown Peak, a peculiar DPS summit near Death Valley.

090124 LVMC trip to The Sentinel (near Lake Mead)

090118 Boy Scout Canyon again, from top.

090110 Winter trip up Charlseton Peak by Big Falls…sketchy.

090106 Avawatz in CA, a DPS summit.

090101 Calico Tanks Peak, a short New Year’s Day hike.

081227 Bat North and South, near Death Valley CA.

081221 South Fire Peak – checking the route for future adventures.

081213 La Madre by NW route again, this time for LVMC.

081207 North Fire Peak – canyoning and great views off the Valley of Fire.

081130 Sentinel Peak again, this time with Henry J © shortcut.

081123 Gunsight Peak by a round-about route.

081115 NY Mountains (Mojave, CA) with LVMC.

081108 Support team for “Telescope the Hard Way”; Rodgers and Bennett.

081101 Windy Peak (Red Rock, NV) with LVMC.

081026 Point 9782’ and Quijinump Canyon in Sheep Range, NV

081022 Mounts Logan and Trumbull in AZ

081016 LaMadre by a fast NW route (W of Vegas).

081012 Monument Ridge Traverse (Red Rock NV, near Vegas).

080927 Black Velvet Peak from Mountain Springs Peak (west side)

080919 Spring Mts multi-peak dayhike (Mummy-Lee-Chaz-Griffith-Harris)

080914 Mummy by 4th class South Ridge, again.

080901 Independence Peak CANorth Ridge Route (class 4) after a very windy day.

080823 Charleston Peak by Big Falls—a short route with sketchy stretches.

080814 Great Basin again; LVMC trip, Pyramid and Quartzite,

            and Bald-Wheeler-Jeff Davis Karma Restoration.

080809 Langley CA again—Ali’s 50thClassic Peak”.

080717 Saddleback and Horn in Maine – a contrast with NV.

080712 Morey and Table Mountains, NE of Tonopah, NV.

080624 Williamson and Tyndall, California 14ers.

080615 Loop through Fletcher Canyon, to RainTree, and out over Cockscomb.

080607 Mack’s Peak with, or maybe…

080523 Arizona trip – Sedona and Mt Perkins.

080518 The Subway in Zion, UT, top to bottom.

080510 Hualapai & Aspen Peaks, Mojave Co., AZ.

080508 Indecision reunion: Pan-world alliance.

080426 RR3: Bridge, Rainbow, and Wilson in Red Rock—all three in one day.

080420 Bridge Mountain with Dorie and Sandy, folks I met along the way.

080416 Wilson and Rainbow Peaks in NV, from the Lovell Canyon (west) side.

080405 Mount Bangs, AZ – rarely-climbed peak E of Mesquite, NV.

080329 Day trip to Thimble and Funeral Peaks in Death Valley, CA.

080322 Canaan Mountain highpoint, S of Zion, UT.

080319 Superstition Mountain and Flatiron, AZ, E of Phoenix.

080308 Toroweap on the Grand Canyon, and Mount Trumbull, AZ.

080304 Another Turtlehead by east.

080223 North Spirit Mountain NV, NW of Lauglin.  Old rocks, rarely visited.

080220 Copper Mountain NV, east of Searchlight. A small but sharp peak.

080213 Last Chance Range, NV, by east route – looks tough, but all class 2.

080209 Fortification Hill AZ by normal route, with LVMC and some memories.

080202 Another Kraft Mt Loop, with LVMC.

080126 Arch Mt., AZ (Lake Mead) – a very tough day for a 3385’ peak.

080112 LVMC Mojave camp and Tabletop – 2 years after the fires.

080109 Last Chance Range, W of Pahrump, NV.

080101 Boulder and Bonus Peaks, Lake Mead area – New Year’s Day leg-stretcher.

071229 Another Calico Basin variation.

071226 Anonymous Grey Lumps (south of Rocky Gap Road).

071223 Tunnel Vision and White Rock again – use for map, see older for details.

071219 Ugly Brown Lump, a majestic peak NE of the Spring Mountains.

071215 LVMC trip up Summerlin Peak, the 5356 ridge, and a loop through the canyon.

071212 A different 3-pk hike near LV, with 6000’ elevation gain, petroglyphs, water, and snow/ice.

071202 Manganese Peak and Nearby Pinnacles, Lake Mead area

071128 White Pinnacle and South Wilson

071118 LVMC Local Crawl Caves, NV

071116 Granite Mountain, East Mojave, CA

071113 Therapeutic back test: Park-Hidden Peak Peregrinations.

071111 Another Lost Creek (lower Hidden Canyon) to North Peak class 4.

071103 Telescope Peak from Shorty’s Well in Death Valley, CA

071027 Mitchell Point in Providence Mts. of CA Mojave.

071030 Calico Basin quick 5-peak loop—lots of terrain variation packed in a small area.

071014 Grand Canyon AZ Food Poisoning trip. (recovery took about 4 days)

070930 Bridge Mountain in Zion, UT; a 4th class route

070926 A strange loop over 3pks in Red Rock; 5hrs, for conditioning.

070918 Yosemite (Half-Dome), CA

070901 Ruby Dome and Ruby Backpack, Near Elko, NV.

070826 Moriah Peak Memorial Hike, Great Basin National Park, NV.

070818 Lincoln and Granite Peaks, Great Basin National Park, NV.

070812 Harris and Griffith from the North, Spring Mts., west of Vegas.

070805 McFarland from North, Spring Mts., west of Vegas.

070729 Mack’s N&S traverse, Spring Mts. west of Vegas.

070708 Troy Peak NV, in remote Grant Range.

070701 Day hike up Whitney Trail to Mount Muir and Whitney in CA.

070623 Great Basin NV day ”hike” over Wheeler, Baker, and Jeff Davis.

070606 La Madre and a sharp peaklet (7667’) to east – near RR, NV

070602 Three-peak hike in Spring Mts. NV – 5700’ elevation gain.

070526 Bunker Hill and Mount Jefferson (NV, N of Tonapah)

070509 Mummy (NV) by the south chutes route

070507 Turtlehead (RR, NV) from the east – a challenge

070429 El Bastardo (NV) again, from SW; why topo maps can be deceptive

070425 East hairy route up White Rock Hills Peak

070421 Zion, Utah: Mountain of the Sun and Bridge bad weather

70414 The Guardian, near Lake Mead.

070407 Zion LVMC Easter trip.

070331 Mummy again, some snow.

070321 Snoopy loop, west Red Rock, NV.

070307 Zion Checkerboard Mesa and aborted shoulder injury trip

070308 North Wilson, AZ.

070210 Castle Peaks, CA in east Mojave.

070203 Anniversary Narrows Peaks near Lake Mead, NV.

070127 Corkscrew Peak in eastern Death Valley, CA.

070117 New York Mountain in East Mojave, CA – rugged and cold.

070114 Teutonia and Kessler in East Mojave.

070110 Bridge Point with scenic N Side Traverse

070107 Crescent NV and Hart CA, an afterthought.

070101 Traditional New Year’s hike in Calico Basin.

061230 La Madre loop traverse.

061228 Quick rough trip up an obscure 8k (almost) peak near Vegas.

061219 East Mojave trip to Cave, Old Dad, Kelso, and the Cowhole Mountains in CA.

061202 Sandstone Peak in Red Rock, NV-- hard to reach, rarely visited.

061126 Bridge Mt. NV again -- from the Lovell Canyon side.

061118 Muddy Peak NV again -- NE of Las Vegas.

061117 Sheep Peak, NV again -- S of Hayford, nicer and far less visited.

061105 Tipton Peak in AZ, 50 miles SE of Hoover Dam.

061029 Decision "Peak" in Red Rock, NV, W of Las Vegas

061015 Pyramid Peak in Death Valley, CA

060917 Split Mt., west of Big Pine, CA.

060903 Langley in California as a day hike.

060820 Toiyabe Dome, an extremely obscure peak in west-central NV.

060812 Coxcomb Peak traverse, NV

60806 Middle Palisade, CA

60702 Mummy Traverse, Head-to-Toe, with 14 people!

60618      Charleston Peak via Big Falls, NV.                                                          

60611      Mummy via Mummy Springs route, Spring Mts., NV.                        

60604      Another loop over South and North Sister, Spring Mountains, NV.        

60528      Orderville Canyon in Zion, Utah. Water was 45F; I picked a bad time not to wear a wetsuit.

60521      Charleston via Devil’s Thumb in some snow.                                         

60513      Mummy’s Toe, NV, in the snow. For me, a survival anniversary of sorts. 

60503      Kingston Peak, CA—a tedious desert hike to a worthy DPS goal.               

60429      Potosi again, the Siberian's 39th LVMC "Classic Peak", unusual route.                    

60423      Johnson Mt., Utah, possibly a first ascent near Zion.                                

60419      Another White Rocks Cross-over.                                                        

60416      Lady Mountain in Zion, Utah, across from the Zion Lodge.                         

60408      Pahrump Point, CA                                                                                    

60330      Mopah and Umpah S of Needles CA (sharp volcanic plugs), and Old Woman Mountain near Essex CA.

60326      Nopah Point CA, S of Pahrump—highest mt in Nopah Range                   

60319      Eagle Peak CA, near Death Valley Junction                                                 

60318      Cathedral Peaks west side Lake Mead.                                                    

60308      Ireteba Peaks Anniversary hike—all 5000’+ peaks.                                   

60304  Trip over Summerlin Peak and a rocky, breath-taking, seldom visited ridge on the very west edge of Vegas.

60225      Castle Peak Tower, the true summit of the mountain.                                 

60218      Blue Diamond Hill near Red Rock                                                               

60212      Muddy Peak, NV (NE of Vegas) from N.                                                

60129      Another Stirling Peak trip.                                                                        

60121      McCullough Mt., NV from the east side.                                                 

60110      South Arrow Peak, N of Vegas—almost none go here.                              

60101      Fountain-Edgar traverse in Providence Mt.s of CA, Mohave Preserve.         

51229      Tio Grande, an impressive, remote crag very close to Red Rock.                  

51227      Pepper Peak, a crag west of Red Rock.                                                    

051223    Stewart Point near Pahrump                                                                     

51203      Broken Arrow (Peak 5146 in Arrow Range), 43 miles NNE of Las Vegas. 

51122      North McCullough—or South Black? South of Vegas.                              

51111      Military jet wreck in remote Toterman Canyon, Sheep Range, north of Las Vegas.

51106      Bridge Vista, between Bridge Mt. and Bridge Point.                                  

51106      Pa’s Rump, a double peak just west of Potosi.                                             

51029      A trip up Rainbow Wall via Oak Creek.                                                  

51009      The traditional way to McFarland by Bonanza Trail.                             

50827      Signal Peak, north of St George, SW Utah.                                                 

50820      Schell Peaks, North and South, in east central Nevada.                              

50814      A recent trip up Mack’s Peak, near "Ski Lee" and Las Vegas.                 

50723      Currant and Duckwater Peaks in the White Pine Mountains, NV.                

50717      Mummy’s Forehead in July 2005 (Spring Mountains, NV)                          

50709      Delano Peak, Utah.                                                                                    

50703      Charleston Peak (Spring Mts, NV) via Devil’s Thumb. This is good route for the Mummy-Charleston-Griffith 3-peak hike.

50604      Telescope Peak, CA—an 11k peak just west of Badwater (which is 232’below sea level) and Death Valley.

50528      McFarland Peak snow climb by the North Canyon route.                         

50521      Another Mummy trip in late May 2005-- still a snow climb! My 7th time to Mummy.

50515      Clark Mountain, CA; a DPS peak just north of Mountain Pass near the CA-NV border.

50507      Juniper Peak Traverse, in Red Rock, west of Las Vegas.                                 

50430      Hayford Peak again!                                                                                    

50423      Yucca Peak, a knob on the S end of the Sheep Range, NV. A nice hike on a cool spring day, when the flowers are out.

50416      Moapa Peak, revisited 2 years later.                                                    

50414      A quick snow climb of Mummy Mountain.                                              

50410      Another White Rock Hills trip.                                                                   

50402      Mount Wilson (NV, Red Rock, near Las Vegas) by two routes, LVMC trip.

50327      Lost Creek route to North Peak (in Red Rock, near Las Vegas NV). Difficult and wet.

50326      Redstone Peaks near Lake Mead, NV.                                                   

50320      Black Velvet Peak (Red Rock, near Las Vegas) by a difficult southern route. 

50305      Windy Peak LVMC trip—the normal route, if not the normal weather. Kim had 75 kg H2O is her pack.

50227      A bizarre way to climb Fortification Hill (AZ) -- up the cliffs.                         

50226      Indecision Peak in Red Rock, NV. Requires the navigation skills of a homing pigeon.

50219      Black Mountain, without construction and Del Webb police; south of Henderson, NV.

50213      Pyramid Peak and Booth’s Pinnacle, near Lake Mead, NV.                       

50206      Tunnel Vision Peak in Red Rock.                                                                 

50201      A loop over La Hija, El Hijo, and the backside of TurtleHead Jr, then out over the ledges east of Calico Tank; west of Las Vegas, NV.

50130      A snowshoe/ski trip to Raintree, Spring Mountains, NV.                        

50122      RailRoad Peak south of Henderson, NV—rugged traverse in a cauldron of "civilized" noise.

50116      Sentinel Peak, near Lake Mead NV—one of Nick’s favorites.                  

50112      Greycap and a neat Canyon, just east of Red Rock and west of Las Vegas, NV.

50101      Magic Mountain in Red Rock, NV.                                                           

41229      White Rock Hills Peak in Red Rock, NV.                                                  

41211      The LVMC’s trip up Bridge.                                                           

41120      Big Mama in Red Rock, NV. The highest point on La Madre Ridge, just west of White Rock Hills.

41114      Bridge again, this time from Pine Creek (doesn’t require Rocky Gap Road).

41112      Mescalito in Red Rock NV, with a tough descent route.                          

41106      La Madre and El Padre Peaks, on the northern edge of Red Rock, NV. 

41030      Hayford Peak in the Sheep Range, NV.                                                      

41023      Yet another trip up Bridge Mt.                                                             

41002      Arc Dome in western NV, Toiyabe Range.                                                 

40905      Mount Russell—a 14er in CA with memorable exposure.                          

40828      Willow Ridge Arch, in the Spring Mountains, NV.                                      

40808      Traverse across South and North Sister (Spring Mts., NV).                       

40731      Wheeler Peak in the Toiyabe Range (NOT the Great Basin Peak), near Las Vegas.

40718      White Mountain, a class 1 14er in CA.                                                      

40710      Boundary and Montgomery Peaks, in far western NV/CA.                         

40704      Wallace Canyon ("Amarogosa") overlook in the Spring Mountains, NV.  

40613      One of many trips up Griffith Peak in the Spring Mts. NV, with the remains of an avalanche.

40605      Clinton Peak west of Charleston, Spring Mountains, NV.                           

40529      Badger and Tikaboo Mountains in southern Nevada.                                

40522      Wilson Peak Ridge, west of Red Rock, NV.                                             

40516      Ram Peak in the north Sheep Mts., NV—rugged, remote, amazing.           

40512      Arrow Peak and "Big Arrow", NE of Las Vegas, NV.                                 

40505      A trip from Fletcher Canyon to Raintree, Spring Mountains, NV.                  

40502      Mount Potosi, south of Red Rock, in NV.                                                  

40429      Damsel Peak via Brownstone Basin, just west of Las Vegas, NV.           

40424      Turtlehead via Greycap—more challenging than the official trail; NV.           

40418      A quick trip up Bridge Mt. and North Peak, Red Rock, NV.                 

40313      North Sister in snow (Spring Mts., NV).                                                    

40306      Devil Peak—geologically unique, south of Potosi, NV.                                   

40228      Northshore Peak, a surprisingly easy climb (class 2) near Lake Mead.        

40226      A quick loop in the Calico Basin, just west of Las Vegas.                              

40215      Spring and Far Peaks in Red Rock, NV.                                                      

40213      White Pinnacle Peak in Red Rock, NV.                                                   

40208      Fletcher Peak via snowshoes, Spring Mts., NV.                                      

40128      Peak west of Summerlin NV, rather remote if one stays on public land.    

40127      A gps accuracy test.                                                                               

40125      Closed loop over Gunsight Peak, Red Rock, NV.                                     

40117      LVMC trip up Frenchman Mt., just east of Las Vegas.                                  

40104      Spirit Mountain in the southern tip of NV—a truly spiritual place.                 

40101      Boy Scout Canyon near Hoover Dam and the Colorado R.; east of Boulder City.

31221      Bridge Point, ESE of Bridge Mt., Red Rock, NV.                                       

31213      A traverse north to south OVER Gass Peak, just north of Las Vegas NV. 

31129      East La Madre—a 7000’ peak just west of Vegas, with very good views.  

31123      Windy Peak the hard way—up the E face. In Red Rock, near Vegas, NV. 

31109      Pine Creek Peak in Red Rock.                                                                  

31026      A bizarre trip up Bridge Mt., starting in Icebox Canyon.                        

31012      Rainbow Peak (not Wall!) in Red Rock, NV.                                                 

31011      Mount Irish, west of Hiko, NV; a rarely visited summit, best known for the nearby petroglyphs.

30900      Stirling Peak, on the very western end of the Spring Mts, NV. Petroglyphs. 

30830      Troy Peak Ridge, 11,000’ mountain chain north of Las Vegas, NV.          

30806      The "Carole Lombard" crash site on Mount Potosi, with an attempt at a moral.

030803     Cockscomb Peak (Coxcomb) via Stanley B Springs.

30800      North Mack’s Peak—a tough little hike west of Vegas.          

030628   Zion Narrows, top to bottom.               

030517      Mormon Peak north of Moapa, NV.                                                      

030510      Sheep Peak in the Sheep Mts. of NV.                                                         

030403    Virgin Peak, NV.                                                                                      

030504      Moapa Peak, NE of Las Vegas; a sharp peak with a memorable knife edge.

030323    Mount Wilson, NV, with descent via Cleaver Crack.

030302      Castle Peak, south of Boulder City, NV. Another colorful surprise.                

030224      Castle Ridge, south of Boulder City, NV. Another colorful surprise.            

030128      McCullough Mt. south of Las Vegas, from W side; in Precambrian granites.

030111      Muddy High Point, NV (near Lake Mead) from south.                             

030101    Muddy Mountain, NV (near Lake Mead) from SE.                                  

021215    Monument and Hidden Peaks, Red Rock, NV.                               

010101     Bridge Mountain NV, 1st time with Hiking Las Vegas.

991017    Wheeler Peak, NV and Wheeler Peak, NM                                        






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